Wild Kids Animation Studio

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 - is a unique Jerusalem-based education project, where kids (age 6-18 years old) create animated movies


  • We combine continuous and open-ended development for each individual, based on age psychology and the methodology of interdisciplinary creative development (Animation Pedagogy*).

  • The Studio aim is to encourage personal growth through animation, fine arts, and engagement in artistic projects and exhibitions as a mean of expression and socialization.

  • WILD KIDS inspires breakthroughs in kids’ perception of the world to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

  • We foster relationships among children, professional artists, parents and educators from different social backgrounds, religions and communities. 

  • Our OBJECTIVE is provide the creative space for children’s expression and dialogue.  

The team at Wild Kids Animation Studio consists of professional artists and educators who provide instruction in Hebrew, English and Russian.   In addition to our courses and consulting, the Studio lends its working platform to emerging specialists from art and educational academies, as well as other creative individuals, regardless of previous experience and specialization.

*Animation pedagogy was - developed in the last decades of the 20th century by Yuri and Lina Krasny, and became the point of departure point in the formation Studio. The multicultural reality of Jerusalem fostered further refinement of the concept, turning Wild Kids Studio into a dynamic creative laboratory open to all social groups. 

Our Team

Karina Hananeia

Art-director of Sarigim studio of WK

Dancer, photographer, animator


Max Epstein

Co-founder, art-director of Wild Kids Studio.

Interdisciplinary artist and educator


Olga Goltser

Educator at WK. Sand artist, stop-motion animator, designer.

Teach animation at Minshar School of Art.  MFA

Ilya Kreines

Artist and educator

Animator and designer  

Studied at Bezalel Academy 

Etty Chlenov

Artist and educator

Ceramics, sculpture, theater and animation 


Neta Zaidel

Studied at animation Bezalel Academy 


Tal Pesses

Documentary film director and producer

Natalia Kopelyanskaya

Museologist, curator, art manager

MA in Museum Studies and Cultural Management
WK Public Program producer

Sheli Renan

An artist in the field of video-dance and documentary film

Vasil Sribny 1977-2018

Co-founder of the Wild Kids Studio.