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 2020 - 2019

One moment - Special memory

A Magic Tree

Year of Rat

Leafing Through Old Books. Chapters I - III

Leafing Through Old Books. Chapters IV - VII

WILD KIDS Workshops

ילדים מדוברובניק, כרואטיה יצרו סרט אנימציה ראשון בחיינהם, בהנחיית מורים מסטודיו WILD KIDS.  

הסרט הוקרן בפסטיבל קולנוע ואנימציה לילדים ונוער DUFF

DUFF animation fest. - One Strange Day

Neve Tzedek

A film made during a Documentary animation workshop for youth at Tel Aviv. The film is an observation on a famous neighborhood through the documentary animation. It received the 1st prize (n the nomination MAXI) of the 11th VAFI & RAFI festival, 2020

Purim Laundry

One day animation workshop during Purim holidays, 2019. The Short made by kids from Bat Yam Museum"s (Ryback) studio.

Tower of the Neighborhood

An animation workshop at Bat Yam Museum


An animation workshop in Manofim project


The kids from Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia and Israel (WILD KIDS Animation Studio) made a collaborative film within XII International Workshop "Golden Snail", SAF studio, Vranje, Serbia