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16.00- 18.00 




Animation for 

matriculation exams

For the first time in Israel, children in high school, who want to make an animated movie can officially submit it to matriculation exam.

In collaboration  with the Jerusalem Art High School &

Jerusalem Film Fund.


Graffiti and Animation workshop

Studio lead a graffiti and animation workshop at the Jerusalem "Anination" Festival.

Kids created images and animated them in real time on the wall!

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WILD KIDS Animation Studio 
campaign successfully completed!!!

Any support is appreciated!  Just press the button and go on with



To want Jerusalem kids of all social and economic backgrounds to have access to the equipment that will allow them to realize their visions. To do this, we still need a well-equipped shooting room, with quality equipment and software licenses. We have the dedicated teachers; we have the space; we have the enthusiasm - and we need you. All materials - drawings, sculptures, beautiful images- get us now if we do not have the equipment to put them together.


Our goal  is to establish a sustainable non-profit art and learning place, that will serve as platform for all life-long learners, interested in support kids, art and animation.  

!!!! Your online donation is tax-deductible in Israel, and can also be made in other currencies!!!!

If we reach our final goal, what will be funded? 

  • Equipment for shooting animation (cameras, tablets, lights, light boxes)

  • Annual licensing subscription for software

  • Vasyl Sribny Scholarship for 6 kids from families with low-income

To make the campaign more engaging we prepare several lines of art lots, created by our team and Wild student ( bags, calendars, postcards, original art works and much more)  

WILD KIDS Animation Studio mission to foster a learning community of diversity and excellence through memorable animation experiences led by the professional artists; building skills and confidence to empower our learners to follow their dreams and make a lasting impact.

WILD KIDS (est.2010) aims at continuous and individualized open-end development of every child through arts and animation.


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