Workshops and Projects

Golden Snail - International Animation Workshop

The kids from Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia and Israel (WILD KIDS Animation Studio) made a collaborative film within XII International Workshop "Golden Snail", SAF studio, Vranje, Serbia

Giotto Circle

The project by Nanolaboratory of Hebrew University and  WILD KIDS Animation Studio, Jerusalem in the realm of science art. 

The result is collaborative work of kids, scientist and artists in promotion the art of science through the naive kids perception and professional artistic touch.  

Supervised by Dr. Meital Reches, Max Epstein and Vasyl Srybny

Tower of the Neighborhood

Pilot project by WILD KIDS Animation Studio (Jerusalem) and MoBY (Bat Yam): 
Road from School is marked by a suspicious Tower which is situated in the Bat Yam Museums quarter. Whatever can be inside?

"Rustle" - animation workshop at Miller Bindery

How looks like life on the bookshelves?..the research conducted in a real typographical warehouse as part of Manofim project. the film produced by WILD KIDS animation studio in collaboration with kids from all over Jerusalem.

Hansen Residence

3 Month in Hansen House: Site Specific Project.

Lost things' kingdoms

Zur Hadassa school project

Master-classes, workshops

2012 – present. Annual public presentations of the studio production, individual consulting for teachers

of art, artists and parents in Israel; animation screenings and studio presentations at the international



  • Abasha Animation Festival for Youth

  • XII International Animation Workshop - Golden Snail. SAP, Vranje, Serbia: Wow Museum, Fly  

  • WILD KIDS workshop, Jerusalem International Film Festival. Within the screening of Wild Kids

documentary film  by Tal Pesses.



  • Opening of the new space of Wild Kids in Talpiot

  • Animated Hanukkah at WILD KIDS Animation Studio: Noah’s Ark

  • Arlekin Festival, Bulgaria 

2016 – 2017 Project “Giotto Circle”. Nanolab, Hebrew University, Jerusalem


  • City of Tomorrow, Manofim Art Festival, in collaboration with the artists of the Agripas-12 Gallery,


  • Animix Animation Festival at the Cinematheque of Tel-Aviv: Metamorphoses

  • Animated Sukkot, Mamuta Art Center, Jerusalem: Sukkah

  • Hanukkah at Djanogli Art Center, Jerusalem: Transformations

  • Aggression Online (for educators working with youth groups at risk), WIZO Kagan Media Center,

Jerusalem: Aggression

  • VAFI -Varazdin Festival, Croatia 

2015 – 2016   DocoAnimation as a part of the Community TV (for the adult amateur directors of the

documentary films), WIZO Kagan Media Center (Jerusalem) – MoBY (Bat Yam): Four Episodes


  • Creativity class at the Coral Convention (New Ways Eurasia Corporation), Eilat: The Coral Reef

  • Manofim Festival, Jerusalem: The Rustle  

  • Animation at Keshet (educational organization in support of the teenagers at risk), Jerusalem

  • Smadar Cinema Animated Coffee Shop, Animation Festival, Jerusalem

  • Seasonal Lakes, in collaboration with the Israeli Organization for Protection of Nature,

Yakub Kibbutz et al.

  • Animation at South Hebron, in collaboration with the Comet Laboratory for the Alternative

Energy Sources, Tuba village (children and youth of the local Arabic-speaking community):  Tuba


  • Collaborative marathon with the SAF Studio, Vranje, Serbia: The Flying Bus

  • Kamchatka Camp, Moscow: Moods Map

  • Animated Hanukkah (“WILD Synagogue” pilot project), Modiin

  • Animated Purim, WIZO Kagan Media Center, Jerusalem

  • Creativity class at the International “Smart Birds” Convention for Children

(New Ways Eurasia Corporation), Balchik, Bulgaria: The Flight

2013   Jerusalem Animation Festival for Children and Youth, Cinematheque of Jerusalem.


2012   Creativity class at the International Children Convention of the New Ways Eurasia Corporation,

Antalia, Turkey: The Parade

2012   Cinema Marathon “48 Hours”, Jerusalem Cinematheque: Burnt Edges


2011    Wilfred Museum, Kibbutz Ha-Zore’a: The Spring

2010    Masters and young artists, Ein Kerem, Mamuta Art Centre: Cone

School projects

2016   The Reality, Denmark School – Djanogli Art Center, Jerusalem: All This World

High school workshop addressing found objects in stop motion.

2016   Emotional Survival in the Holocaust, Schools of Ein Harod and Holon in collaboration with

WIZO-Kagan Center, Jerusalem: Bread High school emotional tuning in preparation for visiting

the WWII concentration camps in Poland

2012-2014    Lost Things at al., Hadassim School, Tsur Hadassa: The Monster, Kingdom of Lost Things,

Tournament Series of holiday workshops on the school premises

2011-2013   Animation-inspired, SHUVU School, Kfar Saba: The Jungle Researchers, Airport Incident,

The Planet Beyond, Footprints, Flying with the Wind. Series of year-long projects for Grades 3 - 5.

2011   Common Language, Jerusalem Hebrew-Arabic Bilingual School – WIZO Kagan Media Center:

The Fairy, Chocolate and Soccer Animation pedagogy in the mixed group of kids-speakers of Hebrew

and Arabic